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I don’t find myself unattractive, but I also don’t find myself attractive. I feel like I’m just sort of here, not something that really grabs anyone’s attention. Sort of like a chair. Or maybe a lamp.

Track: Such Great Heights
Artist: Iron and Wine
Album: Such Great Heights Promo


Iron and Wine - Such great Heights 

I am thinking it’s a sign

That the freckles in our eyes

Are mirror images and when we kiss

They’re perfectly aligned


Seeing will.i.am’s name translated into another language as though it were Will, I Am and not just William is fucking hilarious. 


I think my mum got a new phone


these photos were meant to be put together.

(2011 - 2014)


Pete Wentz, last night in Toledo, OH.  Monumentour 

Anonymous asked: Buttered noodles?! That's my speciality, dear! So it's agreed, I cook for you and in return, your presence and smile is welcomed. Although, if you hate me, you don't have to smile. Totally get it.

i probs wouldn’t man i mean u just gotta be nice 😊😊 like def don’t insult fob that’s the biggest thing to remember

inspired by [x]

Anonymous asked: You would probably kick my ass in MarioKart too because I haven't played in awhile. But I will make you a hella amaze balls breakfast, whenever you wish. Shoot, I'll be glad to make you lunch and dinner if you wanted. Anything you want, I can do. Or attempt to anyway.

if u can make buttered noodles then we’re good i eat that like 24/7


72 Degrees in the shade.

The Animated Self Portrait 

T.S Abe


Megan Mitchell




how am i supposed to make creative funny text posts when nothing happens in my life at all

you just use a story from sims and pretend it really happened to you

one time i was swimming but the pool ladders disappeared so i couldn’t get out of the pool and i swam for 10 hours then died